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Everything For Your Implant Practice But The Implants. Purchase online Surgical Instruments, Bone Grafting Materials, Criticare Vital Sign Monitors, Defibrillators, PRP Centrifuges, Fixation Screw Kits, Bone Tack Kits, Implant Motors and Handpieces, Headlamps, Infection Control Products, Dental Implant Models, Dental Restorative Products, Crown Removers. Carbide Cutters. Tungsten carbide dental instruments for precise preparation. Optimum material reduction and a high-quality surface finish on all types of material. The optimally coordinated blade geometry and cutter designs ensure a long service life and high cutting capacity when preparing stone, acrylic, metal, precious metal, titanium or. surgery / bone cutters Tungsten carbide surgical burs A comprehensive bur range for sectioning and removal of wisdom teeth, root separation, working on bone substance, etc. S.S. White oral surgery burs are carbide rotary cutting instruments with specially designed cutting blades for tooth and bone removal. Faster cutting by design reduces chair time for patients and increases effiency; High neck strength reduces bur breakage. Cross-cut tapered fissure burs are extremely efficient at cutting, which means there’s less debris. As a result, they’re perfect for reducing the height of crowns and sectioning teeth with multiple roots.

The burs are manufactured to fit various handpieces and may be made from steel or carbide, or they may have diamond-coated tips. Burs come in many shapes, each of which is used for a different purpose. While dental burs are used to work on human teeth or bone, laboratory burs are used to work on acrylic materials, such as dentures and partials, or plaster, metal, or stone materials. Abrasives also have a. Browse thousands of Medical Supplies Dental Supplies, healthcare products, Worldwide distributor of pharmaceuticals. These burs are identified by number ranges, the numbers describe the size, shape, and variation of the bur. it is important to know the number ranges of the burs because the dentist will often ask for a bur by its number. Cutting burs have six to eight cutting blades or surfaces. Average time observed in bur group was 11.9 min and in laser group was 23 min. LASER group had almost double time taken for bone cutting compared to bur. This was particularly true when the laser was used to cut thick or dense bone or tooth. Bone contains mineral salts, which retard vaporisation, resulting in prolonged duration of operation. Welcome to SS White's information library, including material devoted to advanced dental concepts, expert videos, clinical technique, and products.

The Talon line of dental burs is the culmination of care in both craft and science. Nothing compares to the Talon line of burs for strength and cutting speed – performance proven over a number of different dental materials, from bone to porcelain, to metal and from semi-precious to base metals. No more need for "halfway chuck" with better bur control eliminating possible risk to the surgeon's hand. MI Stainless Steel Burs Minimally Invasive With high-corrosion resistance, the MI stainless steel bur is designed and engineered to selectively remove softened carious dentin without cutting.

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