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Contemplative Definition of Contemplative at.

[kuh n-tem-pluh-tiv, kon-tuh m-pley-, -tem-] See more synonyms for contemplative on. adjective. given to or characterized by contemplation: a contemplative mind. Word forms: contemplates, contemplating, contemplated. 1. transitive verb. If you contemplate an action, you think about whether to do it or not. For a time he contemplated a career as an army medical doctor. Synonym Discussion of contemplate.consider, study, contemplate, weigh mean to think about in order to arrive at a judgment or decision. consider may suggest giving thought to in order to reach a suitable conclusion, opinion, or decision. study implies sustained purposeful concentration and. What is another word for contemplate? Sentences with the word contemplate Words that rhyme with contemplate What is the past tense of contemplate? What is the adjective for contemplate? What is the adverb for contemplate? What is the noun for contemplate? Translations for contemplate Use our.

3 [transitive, intransitive] contemplate something formal to think deeply about something for a long time to contemplate your future She lay in bed, contemplating. Oxford Collocations Dictionary adverb seriously, even verbcontemplate be prepared to, be willing to, cannot,phrases too awful to contemplate, too horrible to contemplate See full entry. Sep 07, 2019 · Impossible to answer. Many, many words exist as either a noun or adjective in the context of a sentence. The list is too long to contemplate. Take, for example, the word square. They met on the square. Noun. You’re a square shooter there, mister, and I like that. Adjective. I’ve come to square accounts with you, Mr. Parsnip. Verb.

is that contemplate is to think about something in a concentrated manner or for an extended period of time to think deeply about something; to ponder or consider while think is to ponder, to go over in one's head or think can be to seem, to appear.As a noun think. It can also mean to contemplate. Asked in Adjectives and Articles, Nouns What is the noun for thoughtful? The noun form of the adjective 'thoughtful' is thoughtfulness. The word 'thoughtful' is. Meaning: "religious musing," from Old French contemplation and directly from Latin contemplationem nominative contemplatio "act of See more definitions.

contemplate verb - Definition, pictures, pronunciation and.

vb mainly tr 1. to think about intently and at length; consider calmly. 2. Ecclesiastical Terms intr to think intently and at length, esp for spiritual reasons; meditate. 3. to look at thoughtfully; observe pensively. 4. to have in mind as a possibility: to contemplate changing jobs. Feb 19, 2019 · The noun form, of course, is “decision.” When we discuss or contemplate the merits of a future decision or evaluate the consequences of a previous decision, we turn the act of deciding into an event. Nouns are persons, places, things, and events. And at a more abstract level, concepts. The citations above share some qualities: all are from the past few years, none like the use of creative as a noun, and all mistakenly, it turns out think that this use is recent. While the adjective form of creative may be much older early 16th century, the word has been used as a noun for almost 200 years.

contemplation Origin and meaning of contemplation by.

Like nouns, adjectives can have “the, a” in front of them ─ nouns and adjectives are the only parts of speech that regularly do ─ but unlike nouns, adjectives can’t stand alone and make any sort of sense, even when they have “the, a” in front of them. Certainly, the contemplation of death, as the wages of sin, and passage to another world, is holy and religious; but the fear of it, as a tribute due unto nature, is weak.

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