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Yellow-crowned or Yellow-fronted or Yellow-headed Amazon.

Yellow-crowned amazons are monogamous birds and pairs stay together for life. Their simple courtship display for attracting a mate includes bowing, wing-drooping and wing-flicking, foot-raising, tail-wagging, and dilation of their pupils. Dec 16, 2019 · The Yellow-crowned Amazon Parrot aka Yellow-fronted Amazon Amazona ocrocephala ocrocephala is native to the rainforest areas of Northern South and Central America. Distribution / Range: They are found in the Amazon Basin and Guianas - Northern Brazil, Venezuela, Middle Amazonia, Eastern Andes, Colombia and Trinidad. Yellow-crowned Amazons are scientifically known as Amazona ochrocephala. Like other Amazons, these birds showcase an affectionate behavior for which bird enthusiasts love to pet them. Their longevity in care is highly commendable as they can outlive their owners. The true Yellow-crowned Amazon, A ochrocephala, consists of at least four subspecies, one of them the popular Panama parrot or Panama Amazon, A. o. panamensis. The other three subspecies come from northern South America. Appearance: A stocky mid-sized green parrot with an attractive yellow crown.

Yellow-crowned parrots eat fruit, seeds, nuts, and berries. Reproduction & Lifespan The parrots nest in tree hollows. Females lay up to 3 eggs at a time. The eggs incubate for approximately a month and hatchlings will leave the nest after 50 or 60 days. Yellow-crowned parrots have long life spans that can reach up to 100 years in captivity. The Yellow-crowned Amazon Amazona ochrocepha, also known as the Yellow-fronted Amazon, is a very well known bird and a popular pet. Like other Amazons, its general plumage is green with a forehead that is also green, but yielding to a yellow marking on the crown. The Yellow-headed amazon, also known as the Double Yellow-headed amazon, seems to be the best known of the Amazon parrots. This species has a yellow nape as well as a yellow crown, which is why it has "double-yellow" in its name. The yellow color increases with age and some birds have completely yellow heads when they are just a few years old. The double yellow-headed Amazon parrot is commonly bred in captivity, making them easy to find in avian-specialty stores and bird breeders, as well as from avian rescue/adoption organizations. Baby double yellow-headed Amazons are primarily available in the early fall, though their availability depends on what part of the country they are. Yellow-crowned Parrot Amazona ochrocephala.However, the subspecies Amazona ochrocephala xantholaema, which is apparently confined to the Ilha do Marajó, in the delta of the Amazon River, has an extensively yellow face. The rest of the species’ plumage is largely green with a red speculum and small patch at the wing-bend, a pale orbital ring.

A SeaWorld website says blue-fronted Amazon parrots have lived up to 80 years. However, the average life span is much lower. For those in captivity, 35 years or more is common. Average life span for blue-fronted Amazons in nature is approximately 27 years, according to. Yellow-headed Amazon, yellow-headed parrot: Size: 15-17 inches 38-43 cm Weight: 15.68-22.88 oz 445-650 grams Color: Yellow head, red shoulders and green for the remainder of the body, except the back, neck, and legs, which are also yellow: Distribution: Northwestern and Central parts of Central America, and around the coastal regions of Mexico: Habitat.

Yellow-Headed Amazon - Facts, Diet, Habitat & Pictures on.

Yellow-crowned Amazon, Yellow-fronted Amazon, Amazona.

Oct 26, 2017 · The Yellow-crowned Amazon is locally known in Trinidad as the Venez Parrot. Photo by Lester James If Yellow-crowned Parrots and their superspecies are superheroes of the bird world, then poaching of juveniles can be considered the population’s kryptonite. Double Yellow-headed Amazon Amazona oratrix Yellow-naped Amazon Amazona auropalliata Red-lored Amazon Amazona autumnalis White-fronted Amazon Amazona albifrons Young Amazon parrots have a gray-brown iris. This changes within 2-3 years to a red, red-orange, or chestnut-brown. After that age it is very difficult to determine an Amazon’s. For more information about Amazon Birds see: Amazon Parrot: Information and Care.Maturity is considered in the 4 - 5 year range and the life span for these creatures is 60 - 80 years. Lutino and blue variations of the Yellow-headed Amazon have been produced in aviculture as well as a.

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